5mm Hotfix Spangle Tape
Price: $9.02
    Available Quantity: 28

    5mm Light Siam Hologram Hotfix Spangle Tape Reels. Spangles are a great way to create stunning and profitable transfers which can be sold separately or on garments. Spangles are a great alternative to rhinestones. They're cheaper, weigh almost nothing and have an overall better wearability. Offered in multiple colors so you are sure to get the perfect design.

    Spangles per Reel:




    Total amount of spangles per reel is estimated

    Usage Instructions:

    Press for 10-13 seconds with medium pressure at 325 degrees.
    Do not dry clean

    Item Name: 5mm Hotfix Spangle Tape - Light Siam (Red) Hologram HS-204
    Item Number: P-5mm-HS-204
    Item Price: $ 9.02