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Kodak Light Pretreatment - 1000ml
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    Kodak Light Garment Pretreat is formulated specifically for pretreating white or light-colored cotton and poly blend garments that will be printed without white ink. Although you can print directly to untreated light-colored garments without white ink, pretreating will produce brighter, more vivid prints. This formula is also excellent at flattening fibers when cured with a heat press, and has a softer feel and superb washability. It also will not leave a yellow stain like most dark pretreats...

    Kodak Capping Solution
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      Kodak Specialty Capping Solution is specifically formulated to keep dtg ink in a wet state. It will help to prevent exposed components from drying out, especially in low humidity conditions. It is recommended to be used daily and applied to all waste ink parts, after cleaning with CLEANING SOLUTION. This includes wiper blade(s), capping station, cleaning carts or pads. Apply 5-10ml of Kodak Capping Solution to the capping station before parking the printhead. Avoid pooling. Important: Capping...