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Price: $7.40

Available Quantity: 955

3mm White Rhinestud (WHITE-RSTUD-10D). Each unit contains 50 gross (7200) wholesale hotfix rhinestuds.

Rhinestuds are a quick and easy way to add bling to any design. Rhinestuds are made of aluminum, are facet shaped to emulate rhinestones, with the shiny material on one side and the glue side on the back. Unlike rhinestones, rhinestuds do not contain any lead, making them perfect for children's clothing.

Rhinestuds are also lighter than rhinestones which makes them perfect for apparel decorating. Although they're cheaper than rhinestones, they still provide a splash of creativity to any design, and are often better at producing the result you're looking for, either because of weight or color.

With four sizes and dozens of colors, you're sure to get the design you want. Satisfaction is guaranteed. To ensure the life of the rhinestuds on a garment, please make sure to turn the garment inside out when washing, then air or hang dry. If you must place in dryer, leave garment inside out and dry on lowest heat setting. High heat can loosen the bond between the glue and the garment.

Item Name: Hotfix Rhinestuds - 3mm White 50 Gross
Item Number: WHITE-RSTUD-10D
Item Price: $7.40