CPSIA Compliance and Lead Content of Rhinestones

This information is provided as a service to our customers who use rhinestones on items intended for use by children aged 12 and under.

Update April 7, 2011: On April 7, 2011, The Subcommittee on Commerce, Manufacturing, and Trade will hold a hearing on a bill that would revise the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act. Click here to learn more.

Vista brand rhinestones are of the highest quality of Korean made hotfix rhinestones. The Korean manufacturer has tested the lead content of all of the rhinestones and the following rhinestones are compliant with the current CPSIA guidelines of 300 ppm or less (as of April 1, 2011). These rhinestones can also be located by using the "Narrow Selection By: Low Lead" filter on the right side of any rhinestone category page.

SS06-VTI-01 Crystal
SS06-VTI-02 Black Diamond
SS06-VTI-03 Aqua
SS06-VTI-04 Sapphire
SS06-VTI-05 Peridot
SS06-VTI-07 Orange
SS06-VTI-08 Jonquil
SS06-VTI-09 Topaz
SS06-VTI-10 Smoke Topaz
SS06-VTI-13 Capri Blue
SS06-VTI-15 Light Siam
SS06-VTI-16 Siam
SS06-VTI-17 Light Amethyst
SS06-VTI-18 Amethyst
SS06-VTI-19 Dark Amethyst
SS06-VTI-21 Cobalt
SS06-VTI-22 Light Sapphire
SS06-VTI-23 Montana
SS06-VTI-24 Citrine
SS06-VTI-25 Crystal AB
SS06-VTI-26 Hematite

SS10-VTI-01 Crystal
SS10-VTI-02 Black Diamond
SS10-VTI-03 Aqua
SS10-VTI-04 Sapphire
SS10-VTI-05 Peridot
SS10-VTI-06 Light Emerald
SS10-VTI-08 Jonquil
SS10-VTI-09 Topaz
SS10-VTI-10 Smoke Topaz
SS10-VTI-13 Capri Blue
SS10-VTI-15 Light Siam
SS10-VTI-16 Siam
SS10-VTI-17 Light Amethyst
SS10-VTI-18 Amethyst
SS10-VTI-19 Dark Amethyst
SS10-VTI-21 Cobalt
SS10-VTI-22 Light Sapphire
SS10-VTI-23 Montana
SS10-VTI-24 Citrine
SS10-VTI-25 Crystal AB
SS10-VTI-26 Hematite

SS12-VTI-01 Crystal

SS16-VTI-01 Crystal
SS16-VTI-02 Black Diamond
SS16-VTI-03 Aqua
SS16-VTI-04 Sapphire
SS16-VTI-05 Peridot
SS16-VTI-06 Light Emerald
SS16-VTI-08 Jonquil
SS16-VTI-09 Topaz
SS16-VTI-10 Smoke Topaz
SS16-VTI-13 Capri Blue
SS16-VTI-15 Light Siam
SS16-VTI-16 Siam
SS16-VTI-17 Light Amethyst
SS16-VTI-18 Amethyst
SS16-VTI-19 Dark Amethyst
SS16-VTI-22 Light Sapphire
SS16-VTI-23 Montana
SS16-VTI-25 Crystal AB
SS16-VTI-26 Hematite

SS20-VTI-01 Crystal
SS20-VTI-02 Black Diamond
SS20-VTI-03 Aqua
SS20-VTI-04 Sapphire
SS20-VTI-05 Peridot
SS20-VTI-09 Topaz
SS20-VTI-17 Light Amethyst
SS20-VTI-18 Amethyst
SS20-VTI-23 Montana
SS20-VTI-24 Citrine
SS20-VTI-25 Crystal AB
SS20-VTI-26 Hematite

SS30-VTI-01 Crystal

SS34-VTI-01 Crystal

Please note that MESA Distributors will make every effort to provide you with the latest information regarding lead in rhinestones and CPSIA compliance. You may also want to join a growing number of businesses who are protesting the strict CPSIA requirements for rhinestones on the basis that the cost and burden to small businesses is not justified by any measurable improvement in safety for children. The following links provide additional information:

CPSIA Home Page

Amend the CPSIA

CPSIA Section of SGIA's Website

Article from ApparelNews.net regarding CPSIA Compliance