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    Image Armor E Series Magenta DTG Ink cures in only 35 seconds, and works great with most DTG printers.

    Even better - Image Armor E Series Inks prints beautifully on polyester in addition to cotton and cotton/poly blends! No need to buy separate inks and go through the expensive and time-consuming process of flushing inks.

    Because these inks are designed to work better with your DTG printer, you'll see less buildup in your printer, and better ink coverage on your garments.

    Image Armor DTG Inks are incredibly stretchable after curing, and will survive many washes.

    IMPORTANT: When converting FROM Dupont Artistri (or other brands) ink TO Image Armor E Series inks, you MUST use Image Armor's Cleaning Solution (for ink) to clean all ink from the machine. WIMS white ink filters MUST be replaced with the Rigimesh?? (sintered stainless woven mesh) white ink filters. Failure to follow these instructions may damage/contaminate your machine.

    When converting FROM Image Armor E-series inks TO Dupont Artistri inks, you MUST clean all ink from the machine, and Rigimesh white ink filters MUST be replaced with Standard (polypropylene tapered pore) WIMS filters, and all ink dampers in the printer MUST be replaced. Failure to follow these instructions may damage/clog your machine.

    Do NOT mix Image Armor E-Series inks with other inks.

    Heat Press Instructions : Press for 35 seconds at 350 degrees F. The pressure required will vary depending on the specific material type. You may want to start with a medium pressure and adjust as needed.

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    Item Name: Image Armor Magenta Ink 500 ml
    Item Number: DTG-Ink-IA-M500ML
    Item Price: $ 75.00