Acrylic Transfer Paper 20 cm roll
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    Acrylic Transfer Paper, or transfer tape, is less sticky than silicon transfer paper, which makes it perfect for sequin and stud designs that will be transferred to garments. Acrylic transfer paper is also highly recommended for spangle or threadless sequin transfers and may work well for small rhinestones when immediately transferring to garments. Larger (heavier) rhinestones require the stickier Silicon Transfer Paper.

    This acrylic transfer tape is provided on a 20cm x 100 meter (8in x 109yd) roll, allowing you to cut the exact size you need for any job. This size works well for smaller designs and/or smaller rhinestone machines, including cutters. It is also available in 30 cm rolls and 40 cm rolls.

    *** If storing or shipping transfers, you may want to use Silicon Transfer Paper.

    Item Name: Acrylic Transfer Paper 20 cm roll
    Item Number: TransferPaper-Acrylic-20cm
    Item Price: $ 32.65