DTG Pretreat Mask / Respirator
Price: $1.95
    Available Quantity: 112

    This Mask/Respirator is perfect for protecting you from the fine mist that occurs when pre-treating garments for DTG printing. They remove at least 95% of solid particles (including ultra-fine mists and microorganisms) from the air you breathe under worst case test scenarios, and are highly recommended for filtering the fine mist produced by pretreatment sprayers.

    The masks are made of polypropylene with an inner layer of polyester. The adjustable aluminum strip is easily molded to the bridge of the nose for a tight fit. The inside of the mask features a polyethylene foam strip under the aluminum strip. The straps are latex-free synthetic rubber.

    These masks meet NIOSH 42 CFR 84 N95 requirements, and are endorsed by the US Center for Disease Control.

    Item Name: N95 Mask / Respirator
    Item Number: Pretreat-Mask
    Item Price: $ 1.95