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    Forever™ Laser Dark Transfer Paper - 8.5x17 inches, 25 sets is designed specifically for use with OKI™ white toner laser transfer printers. This unique laser transfer paper is self-weeding, so there is no need to manually trim away excess.

    Forever Laser Dark can be used with a wide variety of materials, including cotton, polyester, poly blends, wool, paper, leather, nylon, and more. The paper includes a unique top-coating to give superior washability.

    NOTE: Forever Laser Dark MUST be applied with a heat press. A conventional home iron will give poor results.

    Also available in 100 sets


    • Load the A-Foil sheet into the laser printer's single sheet/bypass tray. Print on the matte side (not the glossy side.) Do not load the sheets into the printer's paper tray.
    • Print your image in reverse (mirror) using the "transparency" paper weight setting in the printer control panel. If your printer does not have this setting, mirror the image in your graphics editing software.
    • Preheat the heat press to 305°F - 320°F. Preheat the lower platen also by closing the empty heat press for 60 seconds. During a production run the lower platen will remain warm enough that you won't need to do this again, but always perform this step before the first press.
    • Place the A-Foil sheet on the lower platen with the printed side facing up.
    • Place the B sheet coated side down on top of the A-Foil sheet. The B sheet is slightly smaller than the A-Foil sheet to make separation of the sheets easier after the press.
    • Cover a parchment or silicone sheet and press for 120 seconds using medium (6) pressure. (For designs with very fine details, use a heavy pressure.)
    • Open the heat press carefully, then while the papers are still hot, separate the two sheets in a smooth, continuous motion. You should now see a white opaque coating on the printed A-Foil sheet.
    • Trim off the edges of the printed A-Foil sheet with scissors to prevent an outline box caused by the edges of the B sheet.
    • Lay the garment or other substrate on the heat press, then position the transfer over the garment. You may use thermal tape to hold it securely in place if desired.
    • Press the transfer to the garment using the guide below to determine press time and pressure.
    • After garment has completely cooled, peel the A-Foil sheet off. You may use the heel of your hand to "roll" the transfer off the garment.
    • Optional: Press again with parchment or silicone sheet for an additional 20-30 seconds (10-15 seconds for polyester) for a matte look, and better washability.
    • Decorated garments should be turned inside out, washed in cold water, and lay flat or line dry. Do not place decorated garments in the dryer.

    SUBSTRATE Heat Press Temp Pressure
    Cotton 305° - 320° Medium (6)
    Polyester 286° Medium (5-6)
    Poly Blend 300° Medium (5-6)
    Nylon 250° - 270° Medium (5-6)
    Item Name: Forever Laser Dark Transfer Paper 8.5x17" (25 Sets)
    Item Number: 8517-LDAFFB25
    Item Price: $98.91

    Forever Laser Dark No Cut Transfer Paper - 8.5x17 inches, 25 sets is designed for decorating white or light garments with a white toner laser printer. It can also be used for paper or cardboard. Works perfectly with OKI white toner laser transfer printers, please test before starting a big production with other printer brands. Also available in 100 sets. Beautiful transfers made easy! This 1-step weedless transfer paper leaves no background coating no contour cutting (weeding) is required. By utilizing both the white toner plus color toner with this paper, complex images with vibrant colors can be transferred to light or white cotton and cotton/poly blend garments quickly, easily, and beautifully. Superior stretching ability when compared to other brands means it won't crack or break as easily. Colors and coverage hold up to many wash cycles. (See washing instructions below.) It also has a soft hand, with much less of a paper-like feel than other brands. NOTE: Forever Laser Dark MUST be applied with a heat press. A conventional home iron will give poor results.